No.56 Founder

Creative vision and determination generate wonderful things, luckily Gaynor has both. If you've seen the humble beginnings of the gin trailer, you will see you need a lot of both to create what it is today.



The Brawn behind No.56

With wife Gaynor by his side providing vision and clear instruction, and fuelled by several hundred biscuits, Nigel spent week after week taking the burger van from its humble beginnings to the trailer you see today. From light fittings to fridges, signage and paint, Nigel was involved at every stage. 



Creative Assistant 

A fluorescent pink ex-burger van needed a heavy dose of creative flare to get it where it is today. Meg mood boarded, Pinterested and scoured the lengths of the internet to create the look that No.56 has today. We love it and we know you will too. 



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