A labour of love... and a team fuelled by several hundred biscuits, cups of tea and maybe a few beers here and there, No.56 became the bar that it is today. And it's ready for you event! 

Whether you're getting married, have a work event or a family party No.56 is suitable for every occasion. 

With an open mind, an eBay account, and a dash of gin, anything is possible. 

In the summer of 2017, No.56 founder and gin lover, Gaynor decided to make an impulse buy on ebay and invested in a fluorescent pink ex-burger trailer.

Despite a bumpy start, including a minor technical fault minutes after purchase, Gaynor had vision and high hopes for the trailer. With a family of gin lovers beside her, it became very clear what the future of the trailer would be... and so the hard work began. 

Creating an 'Amazing Space'

During what became one of the hottest summers to date, No.56 experienced its Cinderella story from rags to riches and a fantastic excuse to have numerous bbq's and gin tasting sessions (research purposes of course) in the process. The project even caught the eye of channel 4 as part of the 'Amazing Spaces' TV series, keep your eyes peeled for that this winter!

The main event 

With all the hard work done, No.56 was ready for its first event... a wedding! The combination of a crowd of thirsty customers and a hot August afternoon resulted in an incredibly successful day, with gin flying off the shelves. If you're looking for a crowd pleasing bar, No.56 is for you. 

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